What is InfinityDefi's background?

InfinityDefi is a composite cryptocurrency asset management platform. Its ecosystem boasts of a series of derivatives products: Multi-stablecoin Index, DEX, Liquidity Aggregation Platform, Safety Reserve, Options, and Convertible Debt. Our vision is to build the world’s largest applied cryptocurrency ecology.

How does InfinityDefi deal with transaction risks caused by Ethereum congestion?

Due to extreme fluctuation of ETH price, DeFi liquidation has seen a dramatic increase. 
Sellers take up the network, causing serious congestions that lead to position coverage and liquidation. InfinityDefi’s cross-chain free redemption allows users to freely choose the collateral to be redeemed within the fund pool scope. In case of extreme lack of liquidity and congestion of a product, users can choose other currencies with lower risk to cover positions or redeem.

How does InfinityDefi Protocol avoid the instability due to extreme market price fluctuations?

From a macro perspective, the cryptocurrency market is still emerging and its liquidity is limited. The inherent features of emerging and developing markets lead to great price fluctuations. 
The multi-product portfolio of InfinityDefi makes the project fund pool more stable. INFI helps suppress catastrophic price fluctuations through the users’ voting rights. Users can vote on product addition or removal, interest rates, pledge ratio, fees, and emergency Freeze.

In which wallets can I keep INFI?

InfinityDefi is a DApp on Ethereum and INFI is an ERC-20 token. You can use any Ethereum wallet for INFI.

Where to trade / buy INFI?

INFI trading is available on ****. We prepare for listing on Binance and Huobi for a better investment experience.

How to get the INFI ecosystem token?

INFI White List Application opens at the project launch. You also get additional PPT equity tokens for each pledging, loan, and secondary pledging. Exchange PPT to ecosystem token INFI and trade in the market.

How do I ensure the security of INFI?

The primary task of InfinityDefi Protocol is to maintain its own security. InfinityDefi has passed the security audit by CertiK and will sign more contracts with the top security organizations in the blockchain industry to hold third-party (independent) audits. We also plan regular debug programs. Users can view protocol audit reports on InfinityDefi’s GitHub. 
InfinityDefi Foundation reserves a special fund for system security upgrades and modifications.

What is unique about InfinityDefi?

InfinityDefi is the first DeFi platform in the world to support multi-collateral loans. It is a composite DeFi product with highly flexible collateral and redemption mechanisms. The unique multi-collateral and multi-value-added loans uncover the greater monetary value, appreciation space and liquidity for digital assets of global users. 
InfinityDefi bridges the gap between idle monetary assets and short-term borrowing demand, providing a bigger profit space and a stable cryptocurrency collateral ecology.

What is InfinityDefi Protocol?

InfinityDefi is a DApp on Ethereum. InfinityDefi is a cross-chain, multi-currency, and multi-collateral system where users can pledge stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies as collateral to obtain the ecosystem token INFI.